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If you feel stressed, fearful, and worried to the extent that your quality of life is suffering, you could have an anxiety disorder. Nina Greif, DO, DABPN, at LiveWell TMS in Huntington, New York, offers transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) as a treatment when anxiety isn’t improving using other approaches. Dr. Greif specializes in TMS for anxiety as well as major depressive disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). For a drug-free, safe, and effective way to relieve unhealthy anxiety, call LiveWell TMS to schedule a consultation or book an appointment online.

TMS for Anxiety Q & A

What is anxiety?

Anxiety is the fear, worry, and stress that everyone experiences at certain times. Worrying about things like exam results, first dates, and the safety of your loved ones are all concerns that create normal feelings of anxiety.

A degree of stress is actually beneficial, making you more alert and helping you to perform better. Without anxiety, you’d lack motivation and achieve far less in life. However, sometimes people find their feelings of anxiety start to become constant and overwhelming instead of being normal and helpful.

If you’re feeling scared, stressed, and worried all the time, to the extent that it’s interfering with your everyday life, you could have an anxiety disorder. Anxiety disorders are clinical conditions that require expert treatment for a successful recovery.

What are the symptoms of anxiety disorders?

In addition to fear, worry, and stress, other symptoms of anxiety disorders can include:

  • Restlessness
  • Irritability
  • Social withdrawal
  • Difficulties concentrating
  • Insomnia
  • Digestive upsets
  • Headaches
  • Muscle aches
  • Trembling

Anxiety disorders can have a serious impact on your home and family life, and make working difficult or sometimes impossible. If your anxiety becomes severe, you might also experience panic attacks. These happen when you reach the limit of your endurance, so you freeze up and feel incapable of functioning normally.

During a panic attack, your heart races and you feel short of breath, you sweat and shake, and you may cry or scream. Panic attacks tend to happen when you’re out of your home, so you’re feeling extra stressed and fearful. Wanting to avoid panic attacks can make you isolate yourself at home.

What is TMS for anxiety?

TMS (transcranial magnetic stimulation) is an alternative or complementary treatment approach for anxiety and other mental health problems. Dr. Greif at LiveWell TMS uses MagVenture’s advanced MagPro® technology to treat anxiety and other disorders.

The usual approach to treating anxiety is to combine medication and psychotherapy. This combination can be effective to help reduce the severity of your symptoms and help you address the causes of your disorder.

However, medication and psychotherapy aren’t effective for everyone. If you’re suffering from anxiety and conventional approaches aren’t producing much improvement, or you want to avoid the possible side effects of medication, then FDA-approved TMS treatments at LiveWell TMS provide an excellent alternative.

How is TMS used to treat anxiety?

TMS is a noninvasive therapy that uses magnetic energy to modify the way neurotransmitters work in your brain. Neurotransmitters play a significant role in your mood. Antidepressant medication works by rebalancing neurotransmitters, but with TMS, you get the same benefits without any of the risks.

At LiveWell TMS, you have daily treatment sessions on Monday through Friday for six weeks. Then you have a two-week phase where the number of sessions reduces. Each session takes no more than 20 minutes, with no need for anesthetic, pain relief, or downtime.

To find out more, call LiveWell TMS today or book an appointment online.